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Food delivery has grown 300% over dine-in in the last 5 years.  And there is no sign of slowing down. And, using online 3rd party applications for delivery can increase sales by up to 20% year over year. 

Virtual Brands are a way to start your concept, get up and running for little investment and risk, and test your concept before investing in a brick and mortar location. 

A virtual brand is a delivery-only food concept that’s sold exclusively online and through delivery apps. For example, a food truck that sells burgers in its physical location may use excess supplies to make a second taco brand sold via delivery.1

How does it work?

Say you’ve always had a food concept in your head but didn’t know how to get started.  Or, you already own a restaurant but are looking for ways to add revenue without a major cost increase.

First, you’ll need a concept.  

A theme, a brand, a menu.   ZappEats partners with restaurant concepts in the Digital space.  We are a one-stop-shop for everything from logo creation and marketing materials to published menus, websites, online ordering portals, email marketing, and more.  All in one place and for a lot less than you would imagine. 

We will create a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account that you will use to reach people online.  Pictures of your amazing food and all of your offerings will be shared across the internet. 

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to set aside some funds to get started using some online ads to get traction at the start.  

Once you have your branding and menu together.  You will need to get some amazing pictures of your food because that is what is ultimately going to sell it for you.  Pictures sell.  And when you are virtual it is literally the only thing people have to go on.

We create your concept for you and roll it out online.  And everything can usually be up in 30 days or less. 

Then, you’ll need to partner with the major 3rd party delivery platforms.   While ZappEats allows you to take commission-free orders online for your business, you will still need to get your name out there in front of diners and the 3rd party apps own the space.  Signing up with companies like Grubhub, UberEats, Waiter, Postmates and Doordash will get you some traffic right out of the gate.  

** An important note.Work out your food and other costs in advance of pricing your menu with the apps as they will take a fee (anywhere from 20 – 35%) and you want to ensure that you are still profitable.


So, how do you decide on your concept?   There are a few schools of thought. 

First, if you already own a restaurant that has strong brand recognition, you can use a virtual kitchen in other restaurants in your city to expand your reach (generally the delivery radius is about 3 – 5 miles) so putting your food at other locations could greatly increase your coverage area depending on population.   You can also set up ghost kitchens, which are just a kitchen that you produce food but no customer-facing option. 

Also, if you already own a restaurant and want to dominate a food category, such as a deli, you might create another deli brand out of your existing kitchen, utilizing many of the same ingredients and creating the opportunity for you to pick up more sales as people venture out and try new things and new brands. 

Another option is to focus on great products in multiple cuisine areas.  Maybe you have a burger concept, a deli, and a taco brand.  Each a much different offering but the items made of mostly the same ingredients. 

If you don’t own a restaurant you can partner with a local kitchen and rent space – lots of restaurants have space they don’t use and would be willing to rent it out to you, assuming you aren’t creating a brand that is going to compete with them.   And, you may be able to work out a deal for labor sharing, which would be a great cost saver as well. 

Ready to get started or want to talk about it?

You might be ready to pull the trigger because you have been doing research for a while.  Or, you might have some questions that you want to be answered.  Our team at ZappEats is standing by to talk to you and give you the information you need.  Free of charge.  

We are the only company offering everything you need in one place to get your virtual (or ghost) kitchen up and online from brand concept to sales. 

We offer:

  • Logos, branding, and printed materials
  • Customized websites (all hosting, updates, and building are included). 
  • Online menu publishing (Facebook, Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc)
  • Online ordering portal (Commission free)
  • Direct to customer email marketing

Depending on what you need, we have packages starting at just $129 per month (plus a $200 set up fee) with no contracts, cancel any time. 

Find everything here:

Talk to us:  1(800) 326-5146.       Email us:

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