Why your Website Is your Most Important Tool

Online Take Over:

In a world where everything is online and you only have seconds to grab customers’ attention, you need to make an impact. The biggest way to catch your consumer’s eye is through your website.

The Three Key Points:

1: First Impression

Your website acts as your voice and is the first thing your customers will see online. You want to make a strong first impression, and that means having a clean and organized website. One that tells people who you are as a company and shows that you do quality work.

 2: Friendly User Interface

Once you grab someone’s attention and you have them on your site, you want to keep them there. If your website isn’t easy to navigate and figure out in a few seconds, customers will leave. Catching their attention only makes a difference if you can keep them. This means limiting the amount of information you throw at them on time. Break it up and introduce them to new information when it benefits them.

3: Why are They Here?

You have caught your customer, you’ve kept them on your site and interested, but now what? The final and most important thing about your website is knowing what your goal is. If you are looking to get signed up for a rewards program, add a call to action to your homepage shouting out a deal exclusive to subscribers. If you want to boost revenue, promote sales and special deals, don’t hide them behind clicks, let that be your billboard they see as soon as they land on your site.

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