How Zappeats Helps You Keep Your Employees

Restaurants are in Need of Help

Covid-19 has put many business on the brink of closure. Some haven’t been so lucky and couldn’t hold on while business practices changed, while others can still operate but have been impacted in a major way. The biggest one of these changes being the departure of their workforce. Zappeats is stepping in so that you can keep your workforce, and your profits.

What if we could change that?

Well, there just so happens to be a solution; a way you can keep your employees, without hurting your business. ZappEats has proposed a plan that will help you keep your loyal employees while bringing in more business and money altogether. Zappeats also takes ZERO, yes zero commissions off of orders, so all of the money from orders go directly to the restaurant!

Heres Where We Step In

With delivery services taking up to 30% from each order made with them, that’s a lot of profit thats being thrown away. With ZappEats, you don’t have to give away any of that profit, and your employees get to stay on board. We propose switching your wait staff from servers, to delivery drivers, and with a small delivery fee added to each order the new position would pay for itself.

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